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Empathy in the Workplace with Dr Stacy Moore

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Episode notes

In this episode of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata welcomes Dr. Stacy Moore, a practitioner psychologist specialising in organisational well-being and performance. Stacy has a wealth of expertise in training design and staff wellbeing support and is a member of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA). She has spoken on the main stage at the Insuretech Insights conference 2023 and most recently provided the closing keynote for CX BFSI UK in March 2024. She shares practical recommendations from psychology on how to positively impact the employee and customer experience. Andy and Stacy explore the role of empathy in the workplace and its impact on building strong professional relationships and enhancing organisational performance.

Stacey distinguishes between empathy and sympathy, emphasising that empathy involves genuine connection and understanding without judgement, whereas sympathy often carries a sense of pity or superiority. She stresses the importance of empathy in leadership, customer service, and sales; highlighting its role in fostering trust and loyalty.

Andy and Stacey discuss the impact of empathy on recruitment and retention. Stacey emphasises the need for organisations to recognise the human element in their employees and provide support and understanding for life events and challenges.

They also explore the balance between efficiency and empathy, noting that while efficiency is important, organisations must prioritise empathy to build lasting relationships with both customers and employees. Stacey shares examples of companies that have successfully integrated empathy into their customer service and sales strategies, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Andy and Stacy examine the significance of empathy in the workplace, emphasising its proactive nature. While empathy is often seen as reacting to others' challenges, Stacy highlights the importance of anticipating these challenges and implementing support systems beforehand. This proactive approach, she argues, is vital not only for employees but also for customer relations.

Andy and Dr. Stacy also explore the relationship between empathy and personality styles, noting that while some individuals may naturally be more empathetic, empathy can be learned and should be a priority for managers. Stacy suggests that organisations should prioritise empathy in their cultures and incorporate it into training programmes, particularly for managers who may lack interpersonal skills. She advocates for a structured approach to empathy, breaking it down into steps to make it more accessible and actionable for all individuals.

The conversation concludes with a discussion on creating psychologically safe spaces for empathetic conversations and the importance of follow-up and reflection after such interactions.

This episode highlights the critical role of empathy in organisational success and encourages listeners to consider how they can cultivate empathy within themselves and their teams.

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