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An armour made of glass: wtih Shaughna Phillips

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Episode notes

In this week’s episode we sit down with former Love Islander, influencer and all round pocket of positivity Shaughna Phillips. 

Shaughna talks to us about her dad Eddie who died when she was just 22 and shares the impact it had on her life as a young adult and how she  approaches her grief now. 

In this episode we discuss: 

  • The difficulties that come with living with a parent undergoing chemotherapy 
  • The financial struggles of their dad being self employed and being unable to work and provide for his family 
  • How she still doesn’t think she’s processed it 
  • Adjusting to life after he died 
  • How his death affected her inner dialogue with herself 
  • Comparing her life to her friend’s at that age 
  • People not knowing how to talk about it 
  • Speaking about her dad on love island 

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