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Everyone grieves the same loss differently, even twins.  This week we’re joined by Emma’s twin Sam Jones for an open and real conversation about grieving as siblings.  We discuss their own individual experiences with grief - where they differ, and where they’re similar - as well as their different coping mechanisms and how they manage grief as they’ve gotten older.  This is one of the first times Emma and Sam had sat and had a long and honest discussion about the loss of their mum and the way it affected them differently. We hope that by having this conversation, we can offer support to other young adults who may be feeling distant to their siblings or are wondering why they aren’t reacting to the same loss similarly.  You can also watch this episode on YouTube. To find out more, visit our website at or follow us on social media by clicking the links below: Instagram Facebook Twitter Special thanks to This Is Distorted for their time and effort in producing the podcast!

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