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Grieving Through Big Life Events

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Episode notes

Grief and big life events… SO many of you wanted an episode covering this topic. And we get why. Doing simple things like food shopping, driving to work, even sleeping can feel impossible when you’re grieving, and it’s hard to imagine how you’ll ever get through the big stuff. 

Now we haven’t experienced everything (marriage, kids etc.), but we can share our own experiences of what we’ve been through so far, and how we’re feeling about all that future stuff too. 

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect: 

  • Our feelings towards big life events now and how grief has impacted them 
  • Our previous life events and what’s happened more recently 
  • Who our ‘person’ is now and becoming your own champion
  • Buying a new house without your parent
  • The pressure we feel to make something of our lives 
  • How to be in the moment and appreciate the big stuff 
  • How we feel about getting married and having children
  • Our advice 

As always - we hope you enjoy this week’s episode! But if you do have any further questions on the topic just drop us an email or message us using the details below.

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