FATHOM E9 - In the Silence We Listen

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Episode notes

Trapped in Fathom's Southern platform, with the lives of thirty survivors hanging in the balance,  Sarah Klayton, Agent Blayne, and an isolated Dr. Eva Graff, enact their last, desperate plan to try and contain the technological contaminant that is ever more quickly spreading through the remains of the base. But, hunted by the hulking, infected remains of Reese's DEMES, and with the scope of the lifeform's ambition and purpose finally revealed, it becomes clear the only way they may have any chance of stopping the to sacrifice everything.

FATHOM is created, written, and directed by J. Barton Mitchell; produced by Elizabeth Laidlaw, Kirsten Rudberg and Thomas Barker; features original music by Makeup and Vanity Set, Luke Atencio, and Ryan Taubert; sound design and editing by J. Barton Mitchell; additional sound design by Music Radio Creative.  Cast: Dani Payne - SARAH KLAYTON; Michael Mau - BLAYNE;  Elizabeth Laidlaw - EVA GRAFF.