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The Discover Halifax Podcast highlights all the sector expertise and research stories coming out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Learn about the people contributing globally to solve some of the world’s largest problems.  And, you’ll gain a unique perspective on why you (and your group) needs to host your next event in Halifax.

Halifax is home to Atlantic Canada’s premier innovation hub, VOLTA. Volta offers a place for the startup and innovation community to work, learn and connect.  In addition to various other programs, Volta Residents get access to more than $50,000 in programs and support and mentorship to help grow their business, as well as office space in the heart of Halifax to grow their team.  Volta is also home to the innovative LEAP program.

Today, Martha Casey, CEO of Volta joins host Paul Bailey to discuss all the ways that Halifax is contributing to, and leading the world in entrepreneurship and technology. Also discussed are entrepreneurial success stories and ways VOLTA can help you bring your delegates and meetings to Halifax.

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