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Our guest, Jim Hanlon, Founding CEO - Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship speaks about Halifax’s ties to the ocean sector and the expertise that powers it. 

Canada's original ocean city has always made its fortunes from the sea. Even as the technology fueling this industry continues to evolve, what has not changed is the destination's commitment to remain on the forefront of what's possible. 

More than 300 companies, 80-plus innovators, and 35,000 people drive innovation in numerous ocean-related sectors: underwater acoustics, sensors and instrumentation, fisheries and aquaculture, deep-water battery tech, communications and navigation, marine geomatics, marine biotechnology, robotics and autonomous vehicles, informatics and artificial intelligence as well as naval architecture. 

The result? Halifax is a globally recognized powerhouse with a $4.5 billion ocean economy. Hear why Halifax is the best place to host your next oceans-related conference.
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