Don't Mind If We Do / To Fake It or Not To Fake It- Pt 1

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Episode notes

 Are your “girls” REAL or FAKE? 

Episode 4 and we’re still going here on Don’t Mind if We Do! We are going to talk boobs today with La. La loves her implants and won’t leave home without them…but first….WE TOAST TO “THE GIRLS” with Saltspring Coffee!

Big vs small boobs – what’s your preference? Chelsea has always wanted fake boobs, but I wish mine were smaller – they never fit into cute tank tops. 

Here is a little about our guest:

From growing up in the mid-west bible belt to world renowned Boudoir Photographer & now Business & Marketing Strategist in Sin City, La Ritchhart opens up about her journey and decision to get a breast augmentation (fake boobs).

“I struggled for a long time through my own journey to self love and found it so empowering to help other women through my photography and now through my business coaching to help women find their confidence, their voice and step into their power. When asked to do this interview I was more than excited to continue to share and be open, raw and honest on what can be a touchy subject for some.”