Don't Mind If We Do / Women In Trades- Pt 3 with guest Bella McHenry

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Episode notes

Women In Trades- Pt 3 we chat with Bella McHenry – Robin’s 23-year old badass mechanic. Bella has been working on cars since she was 15 years old and has never let working in a man’s world get her down. In this week’s episode of “Don’t Mind If We Do” Bella tells us what made her passionate about fixing cars, what really GRINDS HER GEARS about being one of the few women in her field, and what EVERY WOMAN should know how to do on her own when it comes to auto mechanics.

Also, we give Bella the gift of Lonetree’s Ginger Apple Cider…and then make her open it so we can all drink it. Good.

Need someone to check under your hood? Go see my girl.

Insta: @bella44151

Thanks for listening! xox Chelsea and Robin