Don't Mind If We Do

Mom Guilt- Do we all have it? W/ guest Alysia Lyons

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Episode notes

Welcome to Season 2 of Don't Mind If We Do!! Starting the year off with a topic that plaques so many mamas. Guilt. Mom guilt. What is it? How do we deal with it? When is it time to let it go? Luckily we have special guest Alysia Lyons who specializes in coaching women through their own mom guilt! 

Also to help with the guilt- we sample California Gallo Family white wine because our guest is in California!! 

Thanks for listening and remember, if you are a mom- you are doing an amazing job and try not to compare yourself to anyone else out there! You are unique and special and we love you!!

A little bit about Alysia:

Alysia Lyons is a mom first, life coach and author second. She is passionate about helping moms enjoy every day, love on their kids more and feel freedom with their time. She has her Bachelor of Science in Business Management and is a certified Master Neuro-Transformational Life Coach. Alysia guides her clients through long-lasting neurological shifts to help ease their guilt and increase their emotional freedom. She posts weekly blogs and podcast episodes on her website which focus on relationships, mom guilt, communication and lessons she has learned throughout her daily life. Alysia