Don't Mind If We Do / Why Diets Work Until They Don't!

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Episode notes

Diets work great…UNTIL THEY DON’T. Women’s Holistic Health Coach Alicia Connors shares her secrets on how “Intuitive Eating” can break the dieting cycle and finally help us make peace with food. Also…we take a leap of faith and try out Four Sigmatic’s MUSHROOM COFFEE MIX.

Alicia is a Certified Women's Health Coach, Transformational Eating Practitioner, and Registered Massage Therapist, living in Vancouver BC with her boyfriend and 2 cats. Alicia works 1 on 1 with women who are smart, health conscious, and many of whom are former athletes--who are DONE with dieting. She helps women reconnect with their bodies, specifically their internal eating cues, what foods they genuinely enjoy, and turning the volume down on diet mentality. Alicia uses up to date eating psychology and research that sheds light on WHY diets don't work in the long term, WHY it's easy to get stuck in a negative relationship with food and their bodies, and HOW they can start to shift their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to find peace and pleasure from food and movement. Alicia loves a good cup of coffee, watching stand-up comedy, lifting weights, and dark chocolate :)   Links: website: podcast: wellness with alicia instagram: @aliciamayconnors  Thanks for listening!!