Don't Mind If We Do / Make Me Look Thin!

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Episode notes

When was the last time you felt beautiful, sexy and empowered…and you did it JUST FOR YOU? Chelsea chats about what why doing a boudoir photo shoot with Vintage Chic Portrait makes you feel great in your own skin, plus some photo tips to take your best selfie. Ohh! We also sample SEA CIDER’S “Kings and Spies!” 

From Chelsea:

“I believe every woman should have beautiful images of themselves that when they look at them they get butterflies in their stomach and think "WOW…that’s ME!!" We all struggle at some point with our bodies and our skin and that likely never goes away so having an empowering boudoir experience where you can see what everyone else sees daily is so important for every one of us. I started boudoir photography because I loved how the white sheets looked with a confident, smiling woman in them. Over the years, it has turned into way more of a passion because of how women leave my studio feeling a new confidence and strength they forgot they had. I’m honored to meet so many incredible women in my studio and I highly recommend experiencing this at least once in your life or once a year. For your session you are fully guided through posing and you get pampered with professional hair and makeup and get access to my couture client wardrobe which includes 5 ft feather angel wings ” - Chelsea Smith   Find Chelsea anytime here: 

Make sure to check out the video on our FB page on how to pose at home!!