Don't Mind If We Do / The Cookie Showdown

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Episode notes

What’s your SIDE HUSTLE?? Dawnae Zachary is a government worker by day, and a COOKIE MAGICIAN by night! She makes the most delicious and beautiful sugar cookies you’ll ever see. Today she shares her secrets to turning passion into a business, and we go head to head in a battle of epic decorating proportions!! (Don't miss our cookie showdown video on our Don't Mind If We Do facebook page to see who does it better- Robin or Chelsea??) 

And we try Run PMC from Riot Brewing to wash them down! Carrot beer? 

Here is a little info on the amazing Dawnae:

I've always love cooking and I started making sugar cookies for co-workers, friends and family. I was self taught and just loved learning something new. I started with finding the best tasting sugar cookie recipe and then learned by trial and error with royal frosting. From loving to be crafty and creative, I started making cookies and started to share it. After less than a year, I'm here making sugar cookies for birthdays, weddings, graduations and more and it's been such a fun experience for me to share something I've really enjoyed. @sugarcookiesbydawnae