Don't Mind If We Do / Robin Becomes a Coach

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Episode notes

This episode is one you want to hear! We have 2 very special guests- Antonia Medeiros- Female Empowerment Coach and Lara Gregory- Intimacy Coach: Both incredible women walk us through what it means to be a coach, the benefits you receive from hiring a coach, oh and Robin decides to become a you can now hire her for all your coaching needs...or don't. Just sayin........ Join us because we are fun and you are fun so let's have fun together!! 

We sample a Penticton made Pink Lemonade Hard Seltzer which is bubbly and delicious!! 

Here is some info on our lovely ladies today: Reach out to them if you want to have an exploration call and learn more: It's free just like this podcast so what are you waiting for? 

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778-717-7217 [email protected]

IG lara_gregory_coaching

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Check  out our FB page Don't Mind If We Do to find out more about these two ladies! 

Thanks for listening! xoxo Robin and Chelsea