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Farewell Robin xoxo

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Episode notes

Join us as we bid a sad farewell to Robin Farrell who is moving on to bigger and better things...jk there's nothing better than Don't Mind If We Do but Ontario is certainly bigger...I think. I am so happy for Robin though as she travels across the country for a new job and to be closer to her family!  I want to personally thank the best co host I could have ever had. You will be missed my friend. Thank you for being you and being up for anything. I will truly miss you as will this podcast and anyone coming on has big shoes to fill. 

Don't Mind If We Do will continue so please follow or subscribe to hear new episodes and see all the amazing guests I have lined up! Hopefully I don't fall flat on my face going solo here but hey, if I do, I can count on you all to be there to watch haha! Looking forward to new podcast adventures!

ROBIN FARRELL we love you and wish you ALL the very best in your move!!!! See you in Toronto...on your doorstep when you leave expect me ;)  muahaha

thanks for listening! xoxo Chelsea