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EP 35 Why Should You Book The Boudoir Session?

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Episode notes

This episode is a special one for me! My past clients (and friends) Lisa and Tara join us to tell you all about their Boudoir Experience with Vintage Chic Portrait, in Victoria BC. 

But first, we sample Apple Cinnamon Crumble Vodka Spirit- SO good! Tastes like an apple pie (without the sugar and add vodka!) 

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Lisa and Tara both had a session with me last year in January. Listen as they tell their reasons why they booked, how they felt throughout the experience and what they took away from it! 

What I get to see daily in my studio is transformations, and not from drab to glam, but life transformations-from feeling less confident to feeling like an absolute queen that can take on the world. 

Hope you enjoy this episode and to find out more about what a Boudoir Experience would look like for you:

Mentioned are my amazing team:

Caitlin Phippen- 3C Hair Artistry

Trish Monkhouse- Makeup Artistry by Trish

Thanks for listening! xoxo Chelsea