Don't Mind If We Do / Self-Protection with guest Kris Greffard, Sheepdog Self Protection

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Episode notes

 If you were ever attacked…would you know what to do? Would your KIDS know what to do? Do you live alone? Run through the woods by yourself? All great reasons to consider a self-defense course. Today we learn more of how we can empower and protect ourselves and the people we love with Kris Greffard from Sheepdog Self Protection! And we limber up by tasting Merridale Cider! Apple Pie Cider- so delicious!

Insta: @sheepdogselfprotectioninc

BIO: Kris is the owner and lead instructor of Sheepdog Self-Protection Inc. Kris specializes in women’s personal safety and reality based training.  She is passionate about empowering women with the tools to keep them safe. Kris is a law enforcement professional in the Province of British Columbia. She is a certified law enforcement Use of Force Instructor. Kris has her Bachelor of Arts in Recreation and Health Education as well as an Associate Certificate in Leadership and Conflict Resolution. She has been training in self protection and combatives since 2005. As a mother of 2 employed in a high risk profession, Kris has devoted herself to self protection training, doing everything possible to ensure she kisses her babies goodnight. Kris takes pride in providing the best training possible to ensure you do the same. Kris’s motto: Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class… and never forget to be bad ass!

Hope you loved this episode and learned some great tips on how to keep yourself safe!! 

Thanks for listening! xoxo Chelsea and Robin