Don't Mind If We Do / To Fake It or Not To Fake It-Pt 2

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Episode notes

Two weeks ago we chatted with La who LOVES her fake girls and can’t imagine life without them…but this week Tanya shares the other side of breast augmentation and her experience with Breast Implant Illness.

We’re also drinking Cider today! Blue Moon....listen to hear the review!'s not amazing......haha 

Thanks so much to Tanya Smith who is a women’s portrait photographer in Toronto! She has grown her studio to bring in mid-6-figures in sales, and since 2017 has been mentoring and coaching other boudoir photographers one-on-one who want to grow their business. Her online business course, called The Profitable Boudoir and Portrait Academy (PBPA) has helped hundreds of portrait photographers from all over the world, in every genre, grow and scale their own business. Check out her work at

If you would like to check out the Fb group for women with Breast Implant Illness- the link is