Don't Mind If We Do / Christmas Ghost Stories with special guest Ian Gibbs

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Episode notes

 Our favourite GHOST GUY is back with more tales of FESTIVE FRIGHT! Did you know that GHOST STORIES were the ORIGINAL tales of Christmas?! CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED (by us of course) author of Victoria and Vancouver’s MOST HAUNTED, Ian Gibbs is back on “Don’t Mind If We Do” to scare the Christmas pants off us.  And we keep OUR spirits bright by tasting a delicious Eggnog latte!!

Here is where you can find more about Ian himself and all his amazing adventures!

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xoxo Chelsea and Robin and Merry Christmas!

insta: @ghoststoryguy; @ghostsnbears; @discoverthepast

About Ian:

Born in the UK and emigrating to Canada with his family when he was young, Ian carries with him the celtic gifts of his heritage. Always fascinated by story telling, social history,  ghosts and hauntings, Ian found himself more and more assisting friends with their ghost problems and learning much more than simply stories along the way. 

Ian is very grateful to have an incredible publisher to work with in TouchWood Editions, Ian looks forward to hearing more of your ghost stories and having the chance to share even more stories of the paranormal and things that go bump in the night. When not writing, Ian holds down a regular day job,  as well as doing guided Ghostly Walks and producing and co-hosting a podcast in Victoria, BC where he lives with his family. Ian really enjoys hearing from his readers the most.