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#887 Online Capping: What You Need to Know

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Episode notes

*Content warning - parental discretion advised*

'Capping' is one of the many ways in which our children can fall into serious trouble online.

Detective Superintendent Jayne Crossling from ACCCE outlines the red flags that are often missed in the lead up to a child being 'capped'. Parents and carers play a critical role in keeping children safe from these kinds of crime, and Jayne's advice will give you the confidence to have important conversations with your children.

Education is the key to prevention! 

Topics in this episode:

  • What is capping, who is doing this, and why?
  • Global network of predators
  • The work of ACCCE 
  • Teenagers at risk
  • How in-game chat functions move to encrypted environments or video chat
  • Red flags 
  • The role of parents and carers in preventing children being capped
  • No screens in bathroom/bedroom, the importance of supervision
  • Teaching children how to respond 
  • Laws regarding child self-generated material
  • Advice for parents  

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