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#562 The Pursuit of Happiness

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Episode notes

Justin & Kylie debunk the myth that parents are responsible for their kid's happiness

Topics discussed in today's podcast:

  • Myth - It's our job to make our kids happy
  • Things that could go wrong if you think it's your job to make your kids happy -
  1. You're going to make short sighted decisions
  2. It's impossible to satisy their craving for happiness
  3. It's a heavy burden to carry
  4. We set them up to fail
  5. Nobody can make you feel good
  • What ARE we responsible for?
  1. Teaching them to find their own happiness
  2. Happiness isn't in the search for it
  3. How to understand their emotions
  4. Teach them how to have positive relationships
  5. Teach them how to do hard things
  6. Teach them to be responsible for their own emotions

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