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How Fever-Tree created the ultimate cola for dark spirits

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Episode notes

You probably know by now that Fever-Tree are big supporters of Drinks Adventures.

In fact I can say without any exaggeration that I would not be sitting here talking to you if it hadn’t been for their support over the last few years, so thanks very much to Andy and Caroline at Fever-Tree Australia.

Given this relationship I reckon it’s overdue that we get Fever-Tree ambassador Trish Brew on for a short chat about one of their new mixers.

And this is a product I’m personally excited about, Fever-Tree Distillers Cola.

I do enjoy my dark spirits and it’s surely time we had a cola that was purpose built for mixing with the premium products we’re drinking these days.

Fever-Tree Distillers Cola is made up of Caribbean Kola Nuts, Tahitian Limes, and a selection of distilled botanicals and spices, resulting in a deliciously rich and balanced mixer for your favourite dark spirits.

With no artificial sweeteners or colours, Distillers Cola allows the ingredients to speak for themselves with top notes of refreshing lime, complex spices and a hint of vanilla to finish.

Where leading cola brands use their strong flavour profiles to mask the flavour of spirits, Distillers Cola has been designed to complement and elevate the flavour of whiskies from the finest distilleries around the world.

With whisky and cola making up 28 per cent of all mixed drinks, Distillers Cola fits perfectly into the Fever-Tree range to accommodate dark spirits drinkers who want to mix with the best.