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The Back-Up Plan - Damn You Pregnant Poops

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Episode notes

The best way to describe The Back-Up Plan is that it's not bad, but it's also not really good. Join Marie & Coni as they bear down the highs and lows of Zoe and Stan's relationship. 

And let's all be honest, JLo looks amazingly hot in this movie and we don't blame Bland Stan for trying to get busy with her. BUT Marie will never forgive him for throwing away her pregnancy body pillow. Sassy Marie is ready to come out and flip some mother 'effin tables. 

Coni also gets to relive the trauma of Zoe watching her friend go through a home birth. Yes, sometimes ya poop. But that doesn't mean Coni wants to witness it from THAT end. NO THANK YOU. 

Only want to listen to certain segments? We gotchu boo. 

Take Me On The Piano: 14:00
Why Are You Like This?!: 18:46
Final Thoughts/Ratings: 26:37

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