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Jerry Maguire - Who Says "Pooty" Anymore?

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Episode notes

If you still say "pooty" in any context, we will assume you grew up adoring this movie. 

When we watched this movie together, we may have paused it and jumped to our old friend Google for the full definition of "shoplifting the pooty". Can't say we didn't learn anything from this movie! 

Join Marie & Coni as they talk about all the famous lines in this sports, romantic comedy. You'll learn that Coni can't tell the difference between a six-year-old and a three-year-old child if her life depended on it. Marie acknowledges that she'd never leave a job with a man who steals fish. And of course there's some thoughts on THAT dress. 

  Only want to listen to certain segments? We gotchu boo. 

Take Me On The Piano: 6:37
Why Are You Like This?!: 11:12
Final Thoughts/Ratings: 22:48

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