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Chasing Liberty - The Teen With Champagne Problems

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Episode notes

We're getting a little patriotic and jumping into a movie about the hard life of being a president's daughter. WOE IS ME. 

Our leading lady Samantha is your classic spoiled teenager living a tough life of constant security guards cramping her lifestyle. We have zero sympathy to be honest. But here we are supporting this character who's name isn't even "Liberty". 

Join us as we talk about Coni's secret service code name and all the romantic dates Marie has done for her. Marie also talks about a good 'ol fashion plot twist and  her discovery of food play to spice things up. 

Only want to listen to certain segments? We gotchu boo. 

Take Me On The Piano: 23:17
Why Are You Like This?!: 30:14
Final Thoughts/Ratings: 38:13

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