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The Princess Diaries - Justice For Frizzy Hair

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Episode notes

We're done talking about movies we hate explicitly. Let's all put on our tiaras and practice our princess waves for none other than 2001's The Princess Diaries. Who doesn't want their long lost grandma to come into their lives to tell them they are next in line to run a small country? Anyone who says "not me" is lying. 

And this movie is a friendly reminder to please look where you're sitting before you accidently sit on the "invisible" girl. Poor Mia was damned when she was awkward/weird and damned when she got her new look. Like this girl just can't win with these San Fran kids. SMH. But her grandma literally came into town and was like "you need to get your sh*t together, child" (ok, so she didn't actually say that, but that's pretty much what she said). 

Join Marie & Coni as they go over some DORC updates and reminisce on how great and ridiculous this movie is - all while trying to figure out the best way to say "tiara". 

Only want to listen to certain segments? We gotchu boo. 

Take Me On The Piano: 18:01
Why Are You Like This?!: 23:00
Final Thoughts/Ratings: 30:11

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