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Something Borrowed - We're Too Poor For The Hamptons

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Episode notes

Well, well, well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions. . . best friend wedding movie edition. 

As the final movie of our "Movies We Hate" series, we thought it made sense to wrap it up with a movie with so many lies and mistakes for two hours. Little did we know that this was originally based on a book and that there was a sequel to the book that never became a movie. THAT MAY HAVE SAVED IT. But since that doesn't exist, we're gonna tear this movie apart. BUT we will say that we're extremely jealous that these adult friends just spend their summers at The Hamptons like it's no biggie. *Cries in poor*

Only want to listen to certain segments? We gotchu boo. 

Take Me On The Piano: 9:33
Why Are You Like This?!: 16:17
Final Thoughts/Ratings: 29:17

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