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Ep #22 I Almost Lost My Voice

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Episode notes

Hello...thanks for listening!

My teacher in the 5th Grade (I'm in the U.S.) and my teacher didn't really teach.ย 

He was lazy really. He was "textbook" and his "teaching style" consisted of us reading one of our textbooks (for example) for Geography, answering the questions at the end of the chapter (in the book) and that was it.

We were not to ask any questions in addition.

He specifically said "no questions".

I lost my voice from the age of 10 - 15 (from elementary school all the way to high school) because of feeling that that teachers instructions in the 5th Grade to 'not ask questions' was the "correct" way to be...

You see all of my life I have always asked questions since I could talk (ask my family and friends from elementary school haha!) and this is an important part of my personality as a whole. (I was born like this.)

In high school, thanks to the head librarian, he "schooled" me that "you're not dumb to ask questions, in fact the most smartest people ask questions".

My mind was blown and from that day on I have come back into my own and have been asking questions ever since!

Don't get me wrong that martyr voice will always come up saying those horrible 'martyr' things like "maybe you shouldn't ask that question" or "maybe you'll look dumb if you ask that question", but I try to shut that voice up as much as possible now. haha!

Don't get me wrong I'm human and we're all works in progress until the end...so (as many other leaders and women entrepreneurs will say), "it will always be a constant battle".

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