The EuroWhat? A Eurovision Podcast / #98: Let’s Talk Turkey

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Episode notes

Turkey was last at Eurovision in 2012. We wanted to take this opportunity to comb through its history at the Contest and gobble up any information we could find.

Let's Talk Turkey Summary

  • Corrections: Stupid Sexy Flanders Edition
  • News (3:15)
    • Belgium's Hooverphonic changes its lineup
    • Ben Dolic won't return to represent Germany
    • Albania's Festivali i Këngës releases 26 songs and its (tentative) schedule
    • Israel hops online to choose Eden Alene's song
    • Estonia announces the 24 entries for next year's Eesti Laul
  • Turkey at the Eurovision Song Contest
    • Debut (13:17)
    • 1980s (22:41)
    • 1990s (28:39)
    • Every Way That I Can and beyond (34:07)


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