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Episode notes

Poof! Croatia has entered the Eurovision chat! Pow! Melfest names a woman! Surprise! Our first genuine "What?!" delivered on this show.

Poof, Pow, Surprise! Summary

  • News: "Husavik" Awards Watch and a Rotterdam Stage Update (1:23)
  • Weekend Recap
    • Croatia's Dora selects Albina's "Tick-Tock" (4:54)
    • Sweden's Melodifestivalen Heat 2 (12:25)
    • Norway's Melodi Grand Prix Heat 5 (20:55)
  • Song Updates (26:25)
    • Czech Republic's Benny Cristo drops "Omaga"
    • Song titles from North Macedonia and Moldova
    • Bulgaria's Victoria gets a little dramatic on YouTube
  • TV This Week
    • Estonia's Eesti Laul Semi Finals Thursday and Saturday
    • Finland's UMK Picks (29:15)
    • Spain's Blas Cantò will sing "Memoria" or "Voy a Quedarme" (34:17)
    • Portugal's Festival da Cançao begins (35:54)


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107: Poof, Pow, Surprise!

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