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Episode notes

It's the calm before a hurricane of Eurovision entries washes ashore for 2021. We give Cyprus, Germany, Ireland, and Slovenia a first listen.

Eye of the Hurricane Summary

  • Song Drops
    • Cyprus summons "El Diablo" (1:54)
    • Germany says "I Don't Feel Hate" (8:31)
    • Ireland opens up its "Maps" (14:49)
    • Slovenia: can I get an "Amen"? (17:53)
  • Weekend Recaps
    • Sweden's Melodifestivalen Heat 4 (21:00)
    • Portugal's Festival da Canção Semi-Final 2 (24:49)
  • Coming Up This Week (28:16)
    • Tuesday: Italy's 71st Sanremo Music Festival starts
    • Thursday: Moldova, Netherlands, and (maybe?) Belarus Drop Songs
    • Saturday: Estonia's Eesti Laul Final, Denmark's Melodi Grand Prix, Daði Freyr documentary on Iceland's RUV
    • Monday: Russia's surprise national final; Senhit's Freaky Trip to Rotterdam concludes with San Marino's song


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109: Eye of the Hurricane

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