The EuroWhat? A Eurovision Podcast / #97: Eurovision AV Club

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Episode notes

We could all use a distraction during *gestures at universe*. Here are some picks for Eurovision-adjacent media from our AV club.

Eurovision AV Club Summary

  • News: 41 Countries to Participate at Eurovision 2021, DaĆ°i & GagnamagniĆ° for Iceland, Senhit covers "Rise Like a Phoenix" (2:38)
  • Selection Season process details: Lithuania's Pabandom is Naujo, Finland's UMK, Croatia's Dora, Denmark's Melodi Grand Prix (7:56)
  • ESC 250 voting opens November 9 (13:19)
  • Eurovision Book Club! (16:11)
    • Three Minutes of Eternity (Amazon)
    • Being Conchita: We Are Unstoppable (Amaz0n)
  • Eurovision Movie Club! (29:16)


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