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Episode notes

Lithuania and Ukraine have determined their entries and Eurovision gets realistic about its scenarios for Rotterdam.

Determined Yet Realistic Summary

  • News (1:04)
    • Örs Siklósi of AWS (Hungary 2018)
    • Eurovision Scenario A off the table
    • "Husavik" Awards Watch
    • Ukraine selects "Shum" for Go_A
    • Germany selects Jendrik
  • Recaps
    • Lithuania definitively chooses The ROOP's "Discoteque" (11:50)
    • Sweden's Melfest Heat 1 (14:30)
    • Norway's Melodi Grand Prix Heat 4 (20:48)
  • Coming Up (28:55)
    • Denmark will release Melodi Grand Prix entries Wednesday
    • Spain will release Blas Cantó's "Memoria" and "Voy a Quedarme" Wednesday
    • Slovenia and Serbia change up their selection processes
    • RuPaul's Drag Race UK will host the RuRuvision Song Contest
    • Croatia's Dora takes place Saturday
  • Our picks for Estonia's Eesti Laul Semi-Final 2 (35:05)


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106: Determined Yet Realistic

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