Energy Voice – Out Loud / Sinking rig, Paper Tiger, and Afrenta

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There’s no other place to start this week than with the news of the Velesto Naga 7 oil rig sinking off Malaysia. Our man in Asia, Damon Evans, takes us through the events. No one was hurt, but will there be an open inquiry? And how will the rig be recovered? 

Staying with issues of safety, the team assess the consequences – or perhaps lack thereof – for a precarious decommissioning job for the Buchan Alpha oil rig, leading offshore union Unite to describe the HSE as “a paper tiger with no bite”. 

Rounding us off, it’s a new venture from ex Tullow boss Paul McDade with Afentra. Just as smaller companies have filled the void left by majors in regions like the North Sea, this new venture hopes to do the same in West Africa. But how will that play out with climate change so strongly in the conversation? 

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