excuse the mess / #13A Anne Nikitin [CHAT]

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Episode notes

Anne Nikitin is a very busy woman - a film composer with an extensive lists of credits, check out her IMDB page. In this episode we mainly discuss two of her scores. Her Ivor Novello nominated score for American Animals (dir. Bart Layton) and a more recent release Untouchable: The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein (dir. Ursula Macfarlane). Both scores are brilliant and we dig into many aspects behind each score. We get an insight into her nomadic upbringing, touch upon brexit troubles and get some brilliant top tips for budding film composers; Anne highlights the work ethic needed and some of the ways people get into the industry. This episode was great fun to make, I loved hanging out with Anne and I'm very grateful she was able to make a bit of time for me in her very busy life. Don't forget to listen to the music making part of our episode, it was a lot of fun, I think you'll like it! Here’s where to follow Anne news: Twitter | Spotify | Website Visit etmpodcast.com excuse the mess is gratefully supported by Arts Council England, PRS Foundation and iZotope Audio. Many, many thanks to Acast for hosting this podcast! For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy