Fascinate Pod / #8 Anthony Painter - Universal Basic Income. Is our current version of capitalism working or is there a better way?

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Episode notes

Director of the Action & Research Centre at the RSA, Anthony Painter discusses his proposal for bringing Universal Basic Income into the UK. 

He alleviates many of my concerns as we discuss a host of factors that are involved with the introduction of UBI. There is a huge body of evidence supporting what he is saying so I encourage you to look it up and continue the conversation. Is UBI a good place to look for answers when trying to fix our societies problems? I think it has legs. If you don't agree, tell me what you think would work better on Twitter @FascinatePod Get in touch with Anthony & find out more about the RSA at @anthonypainter or @theRSAorg or https://www.thersa.org/ 

Here is the proposal we discuss: https://www.thersa.org/discover/publications-and-articles/reports/pathways-to-universal-basic-income-the-case-for-a-universal-basic-opportunity-fund

We also discussed Andrew Yang over in the states, check him out on YouTube or Twitter: @AndrewYangVFA