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Episode notes

#46: Want to travel to Hawaii for free? It’s possible with travel hacking (both Julia and I have done it)! Julia Menez is a travel hacking coach, speaker, and founder of Geobreeze. After traveling to more than 30 countries before the age of 30 and saving thousands of dollars each year by travel hacking, Julia uses her "3 Points of the Travel Hacking Lifestyle" to help overwhelmed overachievers take much-needed vacations for almost $0. 

In this interview, Julia talks to me about finding the balance between spending time and money to solve problems, overcoming an overly cautious money mindset, and how she reached financial independence by the age of 30. We also dive into the details of how exactly to use travel hacking to save money on travel and get luxury experiences for free.

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • How to save thousands on your next trip
  • The top 3 mistakes to avoid when travel hacking
  • Top tips for beginner travel hackers
  • How travel hacking can actually help your credit score


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