Flourish In The Foreign / "In Every Mirror She's Black" in Sweden with Lola Akinmade Åkerström

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Episode notes

In this episode of Flourish in the Foreign, Lola shares her story of moving from Nigeria to the US at 15 years old to attend university, the evolution of her career in travel photojournalism, moving to Sweden, the development of her fondness of Swedish culture, and her new book, "In Every Mirror She's Black".

This Episode Covers: 

  • Attending University in the United States
  • Her Career in Photojournalism 
  • Advice for Travel Journalists & Creators
  • Moving to Sweden
  • Understanding Swedish Culture
  • The Swedish Response to COVID-19
  • The Swedish Health System
  • Raising Bi-Racial Children in Sweden
  • "In Every Mirror She's Black"



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Episode Credits:

Christine Job-Creator & Host

Zachary Higgs-Theme Music


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