Folk on Foot / O'Hooley & Tidow in the Colne Valley

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Episode notes

Belinda O’Hooley and Heidi Tidow created one of the most memorable sets of our summer Festivals, filmed at their home in the village of Golcar in West Yorkshire. They have an uncanny ability to move you to tears one moment then have you roaring with laughter the next.

In summer 2020 they were planning to capitalise on the new found fame caused by having their song “Gentleman Jack” as the theme tune of Sally Wainwright’s hit BBC One period drama based on the life of Anne Lister. But the lockdown put paid to all the touring they’d planned.  So they stayed at home in the beautiful Colne Valley, taking full advantage of the opportunity to enjoy watching their one year old son Flynn grow and learn.

On our walk along the canal  (with Flynn in the sling) they share the lullabies they use to soothe him to sleep. They also sing “Colne Valley Hearts” which celebrates the many characters they’ve met in the area and “The Hum” which responds to the noise of a local factory. We end up at the Dark Woods Coffee Roastery where there’s a delicious Americano and a handy piano for Belinda to play.

As we walk on they spot a wonderful acoustic under a bridge, so Belinda unpacks her accordion and the duo give a poignant performance of Richard Thompson’s “Down Where The Drunkards Roll”. Along the way we hear the story of their very different musical childhoods, how Heidi overcame her fear of singing in public and how they met. Join us for a warm conversation with two of the UK folk scene’s most original talents.