Founders Uncut: Real Startup Stories

10. Yury Yakubchyk of Elemy - A Passion for the Craft - What It Feels Like On a Rocket Ship - from $0 to $20M+ Run Rate in One Year, Unicorn Status in 14 months, From the Era of Growth at All Costs to Responsible Innovation, The Art of the Pivot

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Episode notes

With me today is Yury Yakubchyk, the founder of Elemy, one of the fastest growing startups over the past few years. They grew from $0 to $20M+ run rate in year one and reached unicorn status in 14 months. He has founded two startups prior and is also an active angel investor, advisor and also runs his own venture studio.

1) The Art of the Pivot

  • Early Days of Pivoting Elemy Many Times to What It Is Today
  • How Do You Know It’s The Right Business
  • Always Be Pivoting - Pivots Post Series B
  • Bringing Your Team With You on the Pivot
  • Constant Evolution - The Second and Third Acts of Impactful Companies

2) Yury’s Own Journey

  • Finding Ways to let his Passion and Ambition for Impact Drive Him
  • Navigating the Mental Health System in Childhood
  • Nothing is as Good or Bad as it Initially Seems
  • How to Communicate to the Board When You Are Disappointing Them

3) What It Feels Like On a Rocket Ship

  • From $0 to $20M+ Run Rate in One Year
  • What Reaching Product-Market Fit Really Feels Like
  • Unicorn Status in 14 months - Does It Mean Anything or change your Access?
  • Tempering Growth in Regulated Businesses
  • From the Era of Growth at All Costs to Responsible Innovation
  • What Type of Business Should You Viably Build and What Business is VC Good For

4) Living that Founding Life

  • Figuring out the “Right Decision” with lots of Feedback
  • Allowing time for Absorption and Decision Making
  • Investing Makes him a Better Operator & Operating Makes him a Better Investor
  • How to Get Better at Storytelling for Fundraising, Your Employees and Everyone
  • Why it Matters to Know Your Numbers as a Founder
  • Outworking Everyone and His Passion for the Craft

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