Founders Uncut: Real Startup Stories

8. Jason Foster from Ori Biotech - You Are Not Your Company, and it Shouldn’t be Your Entire Self Worth, Belonging & Culture Trump Strategy, Running as a Business Not As A Founder, Building Trust with New CoFounders, Having Tough Conversations Early, Perspective as a CEO/Investor/Board Member, Creating a Narrative as a Technical Founder

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Episode notes

With me today is Jason from Ori Biotech. Ori has raised $140M and is helping to enable widespread patient access to life saving cancer therapies. Jason also sits on the board of 5 other healthcare startups and has been a part of 3 healthcare scale up journeys prior to Ori.

In this episode:

1) Jason’s Path to Ori

  • Startup Blowup in the Dot Com Bust
  • Scaling Teams Internationally
  • Getting Back to Small Teams

2) Running a Company as the CEO not the Founder

  • From Angel Investor and Advisor to CEO
  • How to Create a Successful Advisor Relationship
  • How to Build Trust with a new Co-Founder
  • The Importance of Self Awareness in Defining Roles & Responsibilities
  • Having the Tough Conversations Early

3) Setting the Right Culture so People Feel They Belong 

  • Culture and Belonging is More Important than Strategy
  • Framing Feedback as Making Us All Better
  • Talent Density - Retaining and Attracting the Best Talent
  • Culture in a Mission Driven Organization
  • How Mission Drives a Sense of Urgency Internally
  • Hybrid Culture in Scientific Settings

4) Surviving the CEO Startup Journey

  • Views Across Being an Investor, Board Member and CEO
  • Technical Founders Creating a Narrative versus Selling Technology
  • Best and Worst Part about Being a Founder
  • You Are Not Your Company - and it Shouldn’t be Your Entire Self Worth
  • Take Care of Yourself - for You and Your Business

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