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9. Sean Black from Knock - The Wild 12 Month Roller Coaster of Failed SPAC IPO, Acquisition Offer and Growth Round, Working With Coaches and Therapists, Defining Your Values and Living Them, Staying True to Your Values in a Layoff/RIF, The Founder Support System

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Episode notes

With me today is Sean Black from Knock. Prior to Knock, Sean was the co-founder of Trulia. He and the team at Knock have raised hundreds of million of dollars in both venture and debt for Knock’s journey to help people buy their new home and sell their existing home. As Knock’s business grew incredibly well across all key metrics in a one year period, and expanded from 14 to 75 markets, they navigated a very complex fundraising environment. Hear more from him on that wild ride in today’s show and on topics such as:

1) The Crazy Roller Coaster of $2BN to $200M - SPAC to Acquisition to Growth Round

  • Deciding to go for a SPAC and getting SPAC ready
  • From 100 SPAC investor meetings to the SPAC Market Collapse
  • Deciding between Institutional Investors or Growth Investors
  • Trying to Raise Through Multiple Macro Tailwinds
  • When Your Biggest Public Comp Goes Under
  • A Dead End Acquisition Attempt
  • Finally Back to Venture
  • The Mindset of Navigating all that SHIT

2) Living Your Values

  • Knock’s Value Frame - POPSICLE
  • Why Your Culture and Value System is So Important
  • Staying True to Your Values in a Layoff/RIF

4) The Founder Support SystemCoaching and Therapy Broader Support

  • Therapists and Coaches - How and Why
  • Actual Coaching Budget and Is it Worth it?
  • VC Founder Relationship Dynamics
  • Advice for Founders - Why do it if it’s So Hard?

Sean's blog about his journey:

Blog post by Pete Flint - 39 Moves to Survive (& Thrive) in a Downturn:

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