Founders Uncut: Real Startup Stories

7. Matt Robinson of GoCardless and Nested - Treat Both Triumph and Disaster as an Imposter, Thoughts from a Serial Entrepreneur, Why You Should Care about the Cashflow Shape of Your Business, Growth at all Costs vs Unit Economics, Context is King, Pros and Cons of Operators on Your Board, Does One Startup Journey Make You More Prepared for the Next? Consistency in Leadership Style, How Angel Investing Changes his perspective as a Founder

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Episode notes

With me today is a man who needs no introduction, especially in the European startup scene - Matt Robinson. Matt founded two incredible companies - Nested and GoCardless and is a prolific founder and angel in the ecosystem. You'll hear about:

1) The Path to Being a Successful Serial Founder

  • How did Matt Get There
  • What Type of Training is Helpful for Being a Founder, or Irrelevant
  • Does it Get Easier the Second Time Founding?
  • Overcorrecting from One Startup Journey to the Next
  • We Often Ascribe Failure to the Wrong Things

2) Tips for Company Building

  • Context is King
  • The Pros and Cons to Having Prior Founders and Operators on Your Board
  • Figuring out the Shape of What You are Trying to Build
  • Growth at All Costs vs Unit Economic Focus
  • How Being a Founder Changes his view of Angel Investing
  • Why You Should Really Focus on the Cash Flows of Your Business

3) Scaling and Leading Teams

  • Consistency in Leadership Style
  • Alignment of Style, Mission, Purpose
  • What he looks for in Teams as an Angel
  • Companies Come From the Mind of Many People, not One
  • Every Company Faces an Existential Threat Each Year, Whether You See it or Not

4) How to Survive The Journey

  • Challenges Matt Has Faced in the Journey
  • How to Maintain Sanity Along the Way
  • Treat Both Triumph and Disaster as an Imposter
  • Paying it Forward in the Ecosystem

Matt mentioned the Poem 'If', by Rudyard Kipling: <

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