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078 Winning the War on the 17-Month Average Tenure of a VP Sales with Callan Harrington from Flashgrowth

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Episode notes

Callan Harrington is the Founder and CEO of Flashgrowth, a consulting and fractional executive company that helps startups and scaleups achieve sustainable growth from seed to exit. He is on a mission to help early-stage B2B companies build repeatable sales processes and win the war against the 17-month average tenure of a VP of sales.

In today's episode, we'll discuss why the VP of sales average tenure has shrunk to just 17 months. We'll also cover what sales leaders can do to ensure their tenures are longer, worthwhile and profitable. 

What You'll Learn:

  • Why tenures for VP of Sales are so short
  • Ways sales leaders can start their tenures on the right foot
  • What a sales leader can do to improve their reputation
  • How to win the war on the 17-month average tenure of a VP sales
  • Proven ways to scale a business successfully
  • Tips for keeping high performers happy
  • The benefits of developing self-awareness in sales leadership
  • Should salespeople be creating content?
  • How to let go of perfect and embrace your mistakes

The average tenure of a VP of sales was once sitting at a healthy 26 months, but now it’s  just 17 months. And 17 months in such a position is not enough time to make the impact a leader is committed to making. Hopefully, with the tips from Callen, we can reverse this unfortunate trend and create full funnel freedom. 

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