Full Funnel Freedom / 032 Achieving Full Funnel Freedom Without Burning Out with Shannon Millar Hopkins from BetterUp

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Episode notes

In today's episode, our guest Shannon Millar Hopkins shares her insights around how we can achieve full-funnel freedom without burning out. Shannon boasts 15 years of SaaS selling experience and is the current Regional Vice President of Sales at BetterUp. We dive deep into how the top salespeople transition from field sales into sales leadership, decision fatigue in sales, and how sales leaders can spot a skinny sales funnel.

What You'll Learn: 

- How to ease the transition from field sales into sales leadership

- The link between resilience and sales success

- Leadership 101: How to say 'No' while still inspiring people

- How to teach your team to sometimes say no

- Why time is your most valuable asset in sales

- How to recognize a skinny sales funnel

- Understanding decision fatigue in sales

- The importance of having patience in sales

Sales burnout is real. It may not be noticeable at first, but often there comes the point in sales when you feel emotionally drained, stuck, and engulfed with negativity. It gets even worse when simple sales tasks feel like chores, and suddenly, the sales quota that you could previously crash with ease now seems like a burdensome task. Fortunately, there is hope. Tune in as Shannon Hopkins shares her resiliency journey on how to spot and overcome sales burnout.


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