Full Funnel Freedom

051 6 Proactive Account Management Activities That Create Full Funnel Freedom

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Episode notes

Traditionally, account management was all about having lunch or golfing sessions with important customer contacts. But customers today expect more. They want an intermediary that can close the gap between their interest and the opportunities present in the market. They also expect account managers to provide meaningful value beyond what they sell. In today's episode, we'll go through proactive account management activities and strategies that are essential for creating full funnel freedom.

What You'll Learn:

- The main elements of proactive account management

- How salespeople can take advantage of expansion opportunities

- The difference between customer service and account management

- Ways to leverage an alumni network for business growth

- Expansions calls and why they are so important

- Best practices for effective quarterly reviews  

- The dos and don'ts of client introductions

- The drawbacks of traditional account management

- How sales leaders can instill an expansion mindset into their salespeople

One of the fundamental elements of account management is proactivity. This seems rather obvious, yet far too many sales leaders and account managers leave too much to reacting to customer actions. As an account manager, your job is to build a solid understanding of where your existing accounts can go and how you can help them get there.  

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