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100 What the Board Expects from a Sales Leader, with Al Wasserberger

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Your company's board can be your best friend - or your worst enemy. Getting on their wrong side is a career-limited move. But, by understanding what they expect of you and your sales team, you can ensure those meetings go smoothly, no matter the message.

Al Wasserberger is a Serial Entrepreneur, Board Member, and Chief Financial Officer for Stormboard. Most of his career he's build companies. He's found that the part of building companies he most likes was the growth and corporate development work. 

What you’ll learn: •    How Al's unique story can impact your business •    What to do to get a board leader’s attention •    How to create predictability •    How to understand the customer’s language •    How to transform from sales rep to sale leader •    How to articulate the pain points •    How to get yourself into the board room •    Worry more about the impact you have on people than their feelings •    How to find people who are doing it right •    How to get where you want to

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