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069 Trust Beats Relationships for Keeping Our Funnel Full

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Episode notes

The one skill every salesperson must learn regardless of industry is the art of trust-building. That means discarding the surface-level relationships that die off after the money has been exchanged. Building trust is the only way salespeople can guarantee optimal results for all parties involved.

Salespeople love to pontificate about the "great relationships" they have with prospects and clients. But to keep our funnel consistently full, trust beats relationships. 

In today's episode, we will talk about how sales leaders can teach their salespeople the art of developing high-quality and high-trust relationships.

What You'll Learn: 

- How trust beats relationships in sales

- The definition of a relationship from a sales perspective

- How to instantly build trust with a prospect

- Practical examples of building trust in sales situations

- Ways to make your salespeople feel safe

- Over-promising and under-delivering ruins trust

- How sales leaders can teach their salespeople the art of building trust

- Using consistency and clarity to build trust

As a sales leader, the next time a salesperson talks about a "great relationship" with a client, ask them, "when was the last time that client asked you for advice on a problem you couldn't sell them something?" If that salesperson gapes like a fish out of water, the "relationship" may only exist in their head.

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