Full Funnel Freedom

112. Differentiating in a Commoditized Vertical with Mike Wolfe and JP Acosta from Delgado Stone

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Episode notes

In this insightful episode of Full Funnel Freedom, special guests Mike Wolf and JP Acosta from Delgado Stone Distributors are welcomed. The conversation unravels the strategies that have positioned Delgado Stone distinctively in a commoditized industry, underscoring the importance of exceptional customer service and a collaborative approach among sales, customer service, and marketing teams.

What you'll learn:

  • The innovative strategies Delgado Stone employs to differentiate in a commoditized industry.
  • How an unwavering commitment to customer service and product integrity forms the cornerstone of Delgado Stone’s success.
  • The essence of synergistic collaboration among sales, customer service, and marketing teams.
  • The pivotal role of technology in streamlining processes and fostering work-life integration.
  • How a culture of learning from failure and genuine customer interactions underpin Delgado Stone’s sales philosophy.



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