Full Funnel Freedom / 039 4 Best Practices for Building Sales Playbooks

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Episode notes

Today we'll go through how you can create a winning playbook and guide your team members through the sales cycle using proven, tried and tested strategies. A sales playbook is your go-to guide for tackling your team's biggest challenges, navigating new hire onboarding time, and driving big productivity gains. Done right, the playbook empowers you and your team to sell more efficiently and exponentially improve the bottom line at your company. 

What You'll Learn:

- How leaders can build sales playbooks from scratch

- The link between playbooks and sales success

- How to reduce the time to self-sufficiency for new hires

- The process of building an efficient playbook

- The four best practices for building an effective sales playbook

- Why playbooks need to be clear, concise, and easy to find

- The reasons why checklists are better than scripts

All successful teams have playbooks, because their sales leaders understand they are the only way to improve productivity and standardize best practices. Without a playbook, your team members have to create new cadences every time they talk to a prospect or lead. Leaders should customize their playbooks so that the user can pick a framework and curate it in a manner that is suitable for their needs.


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